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ATV, a human chain

High technology with a very human touch

The technological masterpiece that is the ATV is above all the product of the paramount skill and dedication of the men and women who work on it at Airbus Defence and Space.

Nobody will be following the launch an Ariane 5 rocket, docking and mission operations of the ATV-2 ‘Johannes Kepler’, second automated European supply craft for the International Space Station (ISS) with more acute attention and high emotion than the Airbus Defence and Space population at Bremen in Germany, at Les Mureaux and Elancourt near Paris in France, as well as in the Netherlands and in Spain. For them, this is nothing less than the culmination of great professional investment and hard work on the ATV, which for many years has been part of their daily lives. In these films, they bear witness in a very personal way to this magnificent achievement, telling us of their pride at being involved in the programme, recounting their experiences and anecdotes.

Reminding us that space is above all a very human adventure!


Find out more! A special dossier full of informative articles and videos has been created about the ATV ‘Johannes Kepler’.