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Bridget on trial

Airbus Defence and Space-hosted PRoVisG Field Trials with Bridget Rover in Tenerife

Over a period of 11 days, starting on Monday 12 September, state-of-the-art planetary exploration technology will be put to the test in landscape reminiscent of the Red Planet – El Teide National Park in Tenerife.

Meet Bridget

The test vehicle is Bridget, is a rover prototype designed by Airbus Defence and Space in the UK to advance new interplanetary rover technology. Bridget has been used to develop and test the locomotion, suspension and steering systems, but for these field trials is being used to provide a platform to test cameras and image processing software.

Follow the team live as they carry out the trials. Keep up to date with Bridget’s adventures in Tenerife.

There will be live streaming of the field trials, a live blog, daily reports and lots of other contents. Watch this space! 

About the programme

PRoVisG, a European Commission-funded programme, stands for Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing. Leading-edge computer vision technology will be collected inside and outside Europe to better exploit the image data gathered during future robotic space missions to the moon and the planets.

The project team comprises experts, scientists and engineers from all over Europe with representation from the USA. They are drawn from academia, research institutions and industry and share a deep interest in the pursuit of space exploration.

The PRoVisG Tenerife field trials are hosted by Airbus Defence and Space.


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