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Bridget rover: PRoVisG Field Trials 2011LIVE from Tenerife

Bridget’s field diary

From 11 to 22 September: Catch up with what is happening during the field trials LIVE on the dedicated field trials minisite!

PRoVisG (Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing) aims to develop a framework for planetary robotic vision processing and to further develop technology to better process and visualise past, present and future data products from robotic missions.*

Bridget Field TrialWhat are the field trials and why do we do them?

They are called field trials because you try something in the field. A mission to another planet is a very expensive endeavour. Therefore, it seems prudent to try to test as many things as possible before hand to mature the design before launching anything. Imagine we get to Mars, we turn on a camera and we realise it doesn’t work as we expected. Better to try it on Earth first!

One key point is that they are done in an environment as similar as possible to the one where we actually want the system to operate.


The location: El Teide National ParkThe location: El Teide National Park

The field trials are taking place in Llano de Ucanca and Minas de San Jose, two locations in the El Teide National Park, in Tenerife (Spain). Their features, combining a flat landscape and crater-like dips with scarce vegetation, are representative of a moon or Mars landscape.

The Park is favoured as a Field Trials venue, having good weather and a rich tapestry of image textures and features. These characteristics are important in providing a wide range of conditions under which to test the imaging systems and image processing software that are at the core of the PRoVisG project.

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The technology Bridget carriesThe technology Bridget carries

For the field trails, Bridget will be geared with lots of instruments to allow the scientists of the PRoVisG team and the University of Glasgow to carry out their experiments. Have have a look at the main scientific components Bridget will carry: 

AU PanCamOmniview Camera3D-TOF cameraHyperspectral camera

*The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 218814 ‘PRoVisG’.



Bridget on trial: Airbus Defence and Space-hosted PRoVisG Field Trials with Bridget Rover in Tenerife

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