Airbus Defence and Space

Combatting Ebola

Since the very beginning of the outbreak of Ebola in early 2014, Airbus Defence and Space has been supporting NGOs CartONG and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT) by supplying maps to help them track the spread of the virus and organise relief efforts. Humanitarian teams need to identify roads and houses to assist in moving around the area. On one of the images provided, an impressive 244 people assisted in identifying routes and dwellings and nearly 1 million features were edited to create an on-line map in just 5 days – in many cases by locals in cybercafés across the West African region.

Airbus Defence and Space’s satellites have joined forces with the mapping community to produce this collaborative map aimed at combating the deadly virus—a striking example of how rapid Geospatial Web 2.0 (Geoweb) solutions are aiding humanitarian medicine.

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