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Day 1 of the Mars Rover Field Trials

21 September 2009 - Field Trials Day 1

The weather began overcast but improved as the day went on. Good weather is forecast for the rest of the week, so hopefully the new showerproof covers for Bridget will not be needed.

None of the instrument teams has arrived yet, so work on preparing Bridget has been taken a little further than anticipated.  Fitting of the new auxiliary power supply to provide power for the instruments to be fitted is now complete and has been tested for stability under load and output noise.

Some of the wiring from past trials was stripped out and/or tidied up to keep the platform clean and neat.

Gathering of useful support materials, tools and equipments for the trials continued and they were inventoried.

A visit to the test site at Sandy Quarry confirmed that the access ramp has been kindly laid by the quarry staff and the sand compacted where the works van and support vehicles will run and park.

The site looks excellent, with stratified cliffs on three sides, an excellent, well weathered and settled running surface and an abundance of rocks which can be moved about the site to create simulated mini-environments representing Martian terrain. Some weeding may be necessary as there is evidence of plant life in the test area due to the warm wet late summer.

Vikky and George at the quarry have confirmed that they have all the necessary personnel protection equipment for the trials team, as well as visiting press expected on Thursday.

They have offered generous access times to the quarry from sunrise to nearly sunset.

The Airbus Defence and Space Rover team is now ready for tomorrow’s shakedown run at the quarry when the support facilities will be set up and the Bridget given her first run for these trials.


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