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Day 2 of the Mars Rover Field Trials

22 September 2009 - Field Trials Day 2


This morning we finished the supply wiring in preparation of payload mounting tomorrow. We expect that the Rover will be festooned with camera and imaging system hardware by tomorrow lunch time, all being well. A link check was carried out between rover and the control and monitoring computers that will be operating in the gazebo remotely from the Rover. All support equipments were checked and batteries charged in preparation for the afternoons run at the quarry.


After lunch the Rover was packed into the works van and driven to Sandy Quarry where we were given a safety briefing and issued with helmets and dayglo vests.  

The test site is in the north-east corner of the quarry where the cliffs show features similar to crater walls including stratification and sand drifts comprising the red Bedforshire sandstone.

Although we didn't have enough time to complete the setup of the control centre in the Gazebo we did give the Rover a good run and also weeded much of the site – the late, warm and wet summer has caused unusual growth in the quarry. This allows us to achieve the best visual likeness of Mars for the cameras. We await the arrival of the payloads tomorrow with keen anticipation. They will all be mounted and run up prior to an initial field run, possibly the full 70m length of the trial site. The weather has been excellent today with a light breeze, some cloud and high temperatures for this time of year. The forecast looks good for tomorrow and the remainder of the week so we hope to obtain many good images.




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