Airbus Defence and Space

Pléiades-1 delivered, Pléiades-2 integration gets underway

Construction of Pléiades-1 by Airbus Defence and Space Satellites has now been completed and the satellite will be delivered to CNES, the French space agency and Pléaides system prime contractor, on 12 November. To mark this event, we have put together a photo gallery of the key milestones in the satellite’s construction and technical qualification, charting the same one-year process that Pléiades-2 begins this month.

Pléiades at a glance

Pléiades is a new generation of wide-swath (20 km), optical Earth-imaging satellites capable of acquiring colour imagery at a resolution of 50 cm. Initiated in 2001, the dual-use Pléiades programme comprises two 1,000-kg satellites phased 180° in the same orbit to provide daily revisits of any point on the globe.

Equipped with innovative, latest-generation space technologies like fibre-optic gyros and control moment gyros, Pléiades-1 (PHR1A) and Pléiades-2 (PHR2A) offer great roll and yaw agility. They can acquire imagery anywhere within an 800-km ground strip in less than 25 seconds with a location accuracy better than 3 metres without ground control points.

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