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“European leadership is exceptional”

Dr Mitchell Goldberg has over 30 years of experience in satellite meteorology and climatology. Among numerous awards, he is famous for his leadership in international science coordination, in particular with EUMETSAT.

Mitchell Goldberg  US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Senior ScientistMitchell Goldberg

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Senior Scientist  

How do you assess the achievements of MetOp-A?

Its performance has been exceptional. For example, we are now 95% accurate in the two-day forecast and 75% in the five-day forecast. All of the satellite’s instruments are working extremely well and are providing continuous and high-quality measurements of the ‘mid-morning’ orbit. Now the US relies entirely on this satellite for this crucial data.

What can you tell us about the cooperation with EUMETSAT?

The cooperation has already been excellent for decades. But now, with powerful European remote sensing satellites, we share the costs. Working together with several satellites brings robustness of data collecting for all the partners. Alongside the US, European leadership is exceptional in sustaining a long-term satellite meteorological programme.