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FORMOSAT-2 acquires imagery of toxic sludge spill in the Hungarian village of Kolontar

On 4 October, a reservoir burst its banks at an aluminium plant in Ajka, Hungary, releasing a flood of some 1.1 million cubic metres of toxic residues. Kolontar, the village nearest the reservoir, was immediately engulfed by a torrent of red sludge.

Zoltan Illes, Hungary’s Secretary of State for Environmental Affairs, who visited Kolontar the day after the spill, declared it was an "environmental disaster”.
Spot Image, part of the Geo-Information division of Airbus Defence and Space, tasked the FORMOSAT-2 satellite to acquire imagery of the disaster area. A first image ,centred on the reservoir and nearby villages, arrived on 7 October - clearly showing the breached western flank of the reservoir and the extent of the spill in Kolontar.

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