Airbus Defence and Space

GOCE - the first Core Mission in ESA’s Earth Explorer programme

The GOCE (Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer) mission will produce global and regional models of the Earth’s gravity field with an unprecedentedly high spatial resolution and accuracy and the reference equipotential surface (Geoid).

This will help to improve understanding of the Earth’s interior structure and seismic processes, and also of aspects such as ocean circulation, ice sheet topography and evolution and thus global sea-level change.

In its role of platform supplier and as majority shareholder (51%) in Eurockot Launch Services, Airbus Defence and Space is a member of the core team of partners for the project. The Rockot SS-19 small launcher provides launches to low Earth orbit (LEO) spacecraft operators. GOCE will be Eurockot’s second gravity research satellite launch, following the NASA/DLR GRACE mission in March 2002.

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