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High-altitude mapping for high-quality service

For mobile phone operators, the quality of their network is a key argument in attracting new customers. But what is less well known is that a high-quality telephone network is impossible without the help of satellite mapping.

When satellite imaging works hand-in-hand with telephony

The constantly expanding network coverage offered by mobile phone operators would not be possible without the extremely detailed maps used for highly-advanced signal propagation studies.

The supply of maps to telecom operators is a key aspect of Infoterra’s core business. For many years, Infoterra has been producing national and city-wide maps to help set up new networks and improve the existing antenna grid. This has enabled the development of a multi-scale, modular archive of more than 30 million km², comprising digital terrain models, land occupancy (clutter) maps, orthoimages, 3D construction models, etc.


A highly detailed map of a city or town is essential to be able to obtain a precise picture of the areas where the signal is masked, and above all of sensitive areas where it would be inadvisable to install antennas, in particular close to schools.

With more than 2,500 towns and cities mapped with the help of satellite and aerial images, every layer of information can be provided to customers who need to ensure responsible management of their networks, and their impact on people’s daily lives.

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