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How does Ariane launch two satellites on the same flight?

With Airbus Defence and Space’s SYLDA dual launch system!

The Ariane 5 SYLDA (dual launch system) enables the launcher to carry a second satellite inside the fairing. It is a light-weight structure of 500 kg, assembled from composite sandwich panels, and is capable of carrying an upper satellite weighing up to 6.5 metric tonnes in the dynamic and thermal environment encountered in-flight.

SYLDAThis ‘optional stage’ varies in height (maximum 7 m), and is adaptable to the passenger satellites in order to maximise launcher marketing flexibility. Since 2005 it has been manufactured from start to finish – including production of the primary panels; the metal flanges and separation system used to release the lower satellite after ejection of the upper payload; assembly of the bare structure and final mechanical and electrical fitting out – at the Airbus Defence and Space Composites Centre in Les Mureaux, near Paris in France.

The new ‘+2100’ version of the SYLDA is 600 mm longer than the standard ‘A’ version – the largest one qualified so far. This extra length will enable Arianespace, the Ariane launch service provider, to broaden the range of launch services it can offer its customers.

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