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PRoVisG Mars Rover Trials Blog

A sandy quarry in the south of England, offering terrain similar to that found on Mars, was chosen as a test site for the PRoVisG field trials using Airbus Defence and Space’s Mars Rover

PRoVisG (Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing) is a collaborative project running from October 2008 until December 2011 which is part of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. It brings together major EU and US research institutions and stakeholders involved in space robotic vision and navigation to develop a unified approach to robotic vision ground processing. Airbus Defence and Space is providing both systems engineering support and field trials opportunities for the PRoVisG team, that support the development of state-of-the-art imaging systems and a ground based image processing environment for use on future interplanetary rover missions.

More about PRoVisG at:

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The red Bedforshire sandstone provides Mars environment and the Martian colour. 

The Airbus Defence and Space Rover team is now ready for tomorrow’s shakedown run at the quarry when the support facilities will be set up and the Bridget given her first run for these Trials.