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Mascot: next stop Asteroid 1999 JU3

The Airbus Defence and Space Mascot camera was launched and started its journey towards asteroid 1999 JU3. This camera is part of the Japanese Space Agency’s Hayabusa 2 mission.

Our Mascot Camera is one of four instruments present in the Mascot Lander. Once Hayabusa 2 reaches the asteroid, it will drop the lander to its surface. It will have only two asteroid days (16h) to gain as much information about the asteroid as possible. Using the information provided by Mascot, Hayabusa 2 will select a location to take a sample of the asteroid surface. Upon completion of the mission, the probe will return home and deliver its sample by 2020. The target asteroid has been selected for presenting traces of water in its spectrum.

Our company designed the camera structure and performed the complete assembly, integration and test campaign, delivering a total of three camera models to the Institute for Planetary Exploration of DLR in Berlin.

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