Airbus Defence and Space

Orbiting of six Airbus Defence and Space satellites in over one month

Second Ariane launch marks orbiting of six Airbus Defence and Space satellites in quick succession

Following Saturday night's successful Ariane 5 launch – the second this year – six satellites built by Airbus Defence and Space have now been launched in just over a month: COMSATBw-2 and ASTRA 3B on 21 May, Arabsat 5B by a Proton launcher on 4 June, TanDEM-X by Dnepr on 21 June and now Arabsat 5A and COMS by Ariane 5 at 22.41 BST on 26 June.

The six satellites comprised three commercial communications satellites (Arabsat 5A & 5B, and ASTRA 3B), a military communications satellite (COMSATBw-2) and two Earth observation satellites (COMS for meteorological and oceanographic applications and TanDEM-X for 3D mapping of the Earth).