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‘Made by Britain’

Airbus Defence and Space’s Digital Processor nominated by local MP

Airbus Defence and Space’s digital processor was recently nominated by Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland to represent his constituency in the UK government’s ‘Made by Britain’ campaign.

‘Made by Britain’ is a government project – led by the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group (APMG) – designed to address the reputation problems facing the UK’s manufacturing sector. All 650 MPs were asked to nominate a product manufactured in their constituency with the aim of drawing up a diverse and comprehensive picture of contemporary British industry.

Airbus Defence and Space’s digital processor – which is enabling a new generation of satellite services for the fast-growing mobile multimedia market – was selected for the Stevenage constituency. Patrick Wood, Airbus Defence and Space’s Chief Technical Officer (shown above meeting Stephen McPartland MP last week), believes: “Our digital processor is an ideal candidate for this campaign – the UK space sector has grown 10% a year on average over the last decade, making it one of Britain's most successful high value and innovative manufacturing sectors.”

Airbus Defence and Space’s Digital Processor is the nerve centre of Airbus Defence and Space's most advanced communications satellite. One of only two satellite processors capable of making over 1 trillion calculations per second, the high-precision data transmission and processing power of the Digital Processor brings satellites into exciting new markets, including online gaming on the move, handheld TV, and smart transport infrastructure. Airbus Defence and Space's new processors are turning the next generation of satellites into orbiting exchanges, capable of carrying two million phone calls, or 8,000 TV channels.