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Next-generation naval military satcom terminal

Lightest ever naval military satcom terminal, incorporating advance materials and precision manufacturing

Airbus Defence and Space has launched its next-generation naval terminal – SCOTPatrol – designed to extend satcom capabilities to smaller ships such as Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs).

SCOTPatrolWith the capability to transmit large volumes of data over Ku, Ka and X bands, SCOTPatrol can act as a beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) relay for video, multispectral and radar imagery, from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) assets such as helicopter UAVs.

Designed to operate in the most demanding sea conditions

SCOTPatrol is precision-manufactured from carbon fibre which gives it a reduced magnetic footprint, exceptional strength to withstand shock, vibration and harsh operating environments, while making it the lightest ever naval satcom terminal of its type.

Compact footprint above and below decks, providing smaller vessels with satcom capabilities

The reduced top-weight, together with a compact footprint above and below decks makes for easier integration on smaller vessels such as OPVs. In addition, through-life performance benefits can be derived from easier logistics and materials handling, and less stress on mechanical components such as motors and bearings.

Aidan Joy, Managing Director of Airbus Defence and Space’ Secure Satcom Systems, speaking at the launch of SCOTPatrol during the Offshore Patrol and Security conference said: “Our customers have expressed a clear demand for satcom capabilities on smaller ships and patrol vessels deployed in today’s naval operations to harness the power of shared situational awareness and networked communication at broadband speeds. SCOTPatrol has been designed from the outset to address this requirement – resulting in the lightest ever naval specification satcom terminal.”

SCOTPatrol benefits from an advanced 3-axis stabilised platform designed to reject ship motion from harsh sea conditions, so that the antenna always remains accurately pointed at the satellite without the ‘keyhole effect’ of 2-axis systems.

Building on nearly 40 years of SCOT design legacy, SCOTPatrol is the latest example of Airbus Defence and Space’s position as the leading European supplier of high-security satellite communications equipment and networks, with decades of experience in the design, manufacture and test of hardened spacecraft and high-technology secure communications systems.

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