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Through an innovative Airbus Defence and Space solution, military and government customers can purchasesatellite communications services to suit their national and international requirement. This bespoke approach of purchasing just the milsatcoms as required means customers do not need to take on the capital investment (and risk) of procurement and management of assets - enabling them to concentrate on their core missions.

The European ’one-stop-shop’ provider for milsatcom services, Airbus Defence and Space meets customers’ requirements with highly competitive end-to-end solutions and seamless management - a rapid-response service, tailored to individual needs, in a highly cost-effective pay-as-you-use framework; intelligent packaging of both military and commercial bandwidth, for all the benefits of a robust, sophisticated secure communications network when resilience is required and the financial advantages of a commercial service at lower levels of protection.

Airbus Defence and Space’ company Paradigm is the first ever commercial provider of secure military satellite communications services. The UK MoD selected Paradigm to deliver a global secure satellite communications service through to 2020 for its next-generation Skynet 5 programme under a PFI approach. With this ground-breaking contract the UK MoD pays for the services and capacity it requires and not the satellite infrastructure as in traditional procurement. All UK secure satellite communications needs, including maintenance and operation of the complete ground infrastructure, are delivered by Paradigm. Following this flexible service-provision model, Paradigm is also delivering managed secure military satellite services to a number of other countries and organisations including a 15-year deal for NATO. The first two Skynet 5A and 5B were launched in 2007, Skynet 5C in 2008.

Airbus Defence and Space, with ND SatCom, is leading the team which has been awareded by the German Forces (Bundeswehr) with the delivery and operation of its Satcom Bw Stage 2 programme. This will enable Germany, for the first time, to use its own satellites in combination with a significantly enhanced ground communications network and control system. Command centres, vehicles, aircraft and ships in their mission areas will be linked directly into the base communications networks for voice, video, database access, and IP services. The 10-year programme is managed by MilSat Services GmbH, a special-purpose joint venture company established by Airbus Defence and Space and Friedrichshafen-based ND SatCom. The contract, signed in July 2006, covers the in-orbit delivery of two communications satellites for operations in military frequencies, their operation, including an anchor station, the supply of the ground user terminal segment and upgrading the central command, control and network management centres already installed in Germany. Additionally, Airbus Defence and Space operated Ku- and C-band capacity for Bundeswehr.

Under the French MoD’s ASTEL-S convention, Airbus Defence and Space was selected in 2005 to meet ever-increasing requirements for secure and non-secure satellite communications capacity, to complement existing national resources. Under the contract, the company supplies the French armed forces (joint staff, army, navy and air force) with satellite telecommunications services in both the civilian Ku- and C-bands and the military SHF-band. The rapid-response, global service is available on demand, for land, sea and air applications.

Airbus Defence and Space is investing in a dedicated satellite gateway at its site in Toulouse, France. This new facility will enable control and management of its satellite communication service (voice and data) and complements the existing ground stations owned and operated by Airbus Defence and Space in the UK and Germany.

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