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Spot Image has achieved commercial success for more than 20 years, delivering satellite-based geographic information and services, the longest track record of all satellite operators in the Earth observation industry. Spot Image has continually adapted its products and services to deliver solutions to meet the needs of customers – both public and private – on all continents. Today, users benefit from a wide range of satellite data, receiving and processing infrastructures, and value-added solutions.


The exclusive operator of the SPOT optical satellite constellation and strategic partner for other satellites, (the Korean one-metre KOMPSAT-2, the Taiwanese two-metre FORMOSAT-2 and others), Spot Image and its subsidiaries in the USA, China, Singapore, Japan, Australia and Brazil offer the most comprehensive range of satellite data and services in the market. Spot Image is preparing for the planned launch in 2010 of the Pleïades constellation (two agile, 50 cm resolution optical satellites) and the development of a high-resolution sensor to ensure SPOT 5 service continuity beyond 2012.

The Spot Image group is backed by an international network of ground receiving stations, partners and distributors to offer geographical information goods and services to public and private decision-makers around the globe.



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