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Success for Bridget

Bridget/PRoVisG Field Trials in Tenerife

Bridget, the Airbus Defence and Space prototype of rover, was brought to Tenerife for 11 days to do Field Trials in the framework of the PRoVisG project.

PRoVisG, Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing is a European project that aims to develop imaging capabilities for planetary exploration. To this effect, four different cameras were fitted on Bridget and tested in Tenerife: PanCam, HyperCam, Omniview camera and 3D-Time of Flight.

All the experiments scheduled for the Field Trials – led by Airbus Defence and Space - were carried out and even some bonus material was gathered. Bridget proved to be a very reliable platform for the project, making the field trials an absolute success.

See the video on the right for some of Bridget’s most challenging moments during the imaging of one rock in Minas de San Jose.

The video is a 3D reconstruction of one of the rocks that was imaged during the Trials : watch the video

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