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The movie business

ND SatCom has taken on a role at one of the oldest film studios in Europe – installing an up-link station for operator Towercom.

In the grounds of the Barrandov Studios near Prague, where many famous movies such as ‘Mission Impossible’ have been filmed, the ND SatCom fixed-stations team has set up a redundant 2:1 DVB-S(2) uplink station on behalf of the Czech operator Towercom. ND SatCom completed installation ahead of schedule, paving the way for successful customer acceptance.

ND SatCom  Airbus Defence and SpaceTowercom is a satellite up-link service provider, specialising in direct-to-home broadcast. Broadcast operators like Towercom, often co-locate with TV corporations. However, in this instance Towercom receives the processed data via fibre-optic links from a broadcaster in Bratislava (Slovakia). Towercom then transmits this data via the up-link station to the Airbus Defence and Space-built Astra 3B satellite which then broadcasts Czech TV channels across Europe.

The new transmitter station comprises a 3.7-metre Cassegrain antenna and three ND SatCom high-power amplifiers (HPAs). The antenna and the amplifiers are linked to the broadcasting booth by means of flexible waveguides. The system is operated from a control room in Bratislava (Slovakia) using bespoke ND SatCom software.