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Airbus Defence and Space chooses Arianespace to launch Chilean Earth observation satellite SSOT

Paris, 17 December 2008 - Airbus Defence and Space has chosen Arianespace to launch the SSOT (Sistema Satelital para la Observación de la Tierra) satellite from Kourou, French Guiana. The satellite was built for the Chilean government.

With a design based on the Myriade platform, this high-resolution optical Earth observation satellite will be built, integrated and tested by Airbus Defence and Space. The SSOT programme includes the development and joint construction of ground control and ground image processing segments, which will allow the Chilean authorities to control and operate their satellite from anywhere within the national territory.

Furthermore, as part of the co-operation agreement, Chilean engineers are working alongside Airbus Defence and Space’s development team in Toulouse, where they are also being trained.

The system will give Chile access to extremely high-quality satellite images that can be exploited in a wide range of observation applications such as mapping, agriculture, town planning, the administration of natural resources, the management of natural disasters and risks and urban plans.

 The SSOT satellite will be launched from the Guiana Space Centre in early 2010 as part of the payload of a Soyuz launcher.

Once again, Airbus Defence and Space is demonstrating its ability to offer attractive partnership solutions in the sphere of Earth observation. The SSOT programme follows in the wake of the FORMOSAT-2 satellite, which was launched on 20 May 2004, the South Korean KOMPSAT-2 and COMS satellites, the THEOS programme developed for Thailand, which was launched on 1 October 2008, and the two ALSAT-2 satellites, which are currently being built for the Algerian government.


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