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Airbus Defence and Space teaming with Khrunichev to build large Russian communications satellite

Paris, Monday 17 March 2008 – The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) has selected a team of Khrunichev Space Center and Airbus Defence and Space to build the Express AM4 communications satellite.

Express AM4, to be delivered late 2010 and positioned at 80° East, is by far the largest Express satellite ever ordered …

  • Largest Express satellite ever ordered
  • First in a new series of high power satellites for the Russian Federation

Express AM4, to be delivered late 2010 and positioned at 80° East, is by far the largest Express satellite ever ordered.

RSCC is focused primarily on the development of satellite communications and the broadcasting network in the Russian Federation to secure the common information space across the country. RSCC currently operates 11 satellites from 14° East to 145° East in geostationary orbit, and is currently looking for high power satellites to complement the existing fleet and fulfil growing needs for satellite capacity.

Express AM4 will use Airbus Defence and Space’s Eurostar E3000 satellite design. The satellite will be delivered in orbit by Khrunichev Space Center using the Proton launch vehicle. It will be equipped with a 63 active transponders operating in L, C, Ku and Ka bands at a payload power of 14 kW for its planned 15-year service life in orbit. Its 10 antennas will provide high performance coverage over the Russian Federation and the CIS countries and its steerable antennas can be used to provide communication to any point within the satellite’s visibility.

This order paves the way for a series of high power Express satellites that could be built for RSCC by this partnership of Khrunichev Space Center and Airbus Defence and Space.

Evert Dudok, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space, said: “We are very pleased to be awarded this contract from RSCC, which demonstrates its recognition of the capability and advanced technology used on our Eurostar satellites. It is a great success for Airbus Defence and Space and we are fully committed to working closely with our Russian industrial partners to ensure RSCC meets its growing demand for capacity. We are looking forward to building a solid relationship and a long term involvement with Russian space industry."

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