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Eurocryospace’s new manufacturing plant for cryogenic upper stage tanks symbolically opens its gates

Eurocryospace, the joint venture of Airbus Defence and Space and Air Liquide, is responsible for designing and manufacturing the tanks. The first Ariane 5 ME cryogenic tank will be delivered for testing in November 2015

Airbus Defense and Space, the world’s second largest space company, and Air Liquide are building a new manufacturing plant in Bremen for the European Space Agency (ESA) with a total area of just over 4,000 m2 to integrate and equip the upper stage tanks of the future European launchers. Eurocyrospace, a joint venture of Airbus Defence and Space, and Air Liquide, is responsible for designing and manufacturing the tanks. The first tank is set to leave the production line to be tested in November 2015. At the same time, a second manufacturing plant is being constructed on the neighbouring plot by MT-Aerospace, an OHB AG company. MT-Aerospace manufactures the shells for the high-tech tanks there.

In the presence of Brigitte Zypries, Coordinator of Aerospace Policy for the German Government, and Jens Böhrnsen, Mayor and President of the Bremen Senate, a gate between the two plots was symbolically opened in order to support the partnership.

“The close proximity of the two manufacturing plants helps reducing costs and increases our competitiveness as requested by ESA who owns the plant”, explained Soeren Scholz, Space Systems Head of Launchers in Germany . ” With these new facilities we have concentrated the necessary competences for upper stage production in one place, thus increasing efficiency and shortening production time. “

“Both new high-tech space manufacturing plants underline Bremen’s position as an industrial competence centre for rocket upper stages in Europe and ensure jobs for highly qualified employees. Together, we will continue to ensure the framework conditions, so that Bremen remains an indispensable part of Europe’s independent access to space,” Böhrnsen added.

Airbus Defence and Space in Bremen has been building the upper stage of the Ariane 5 launcher since 2003 and around 100 employees are involved in the development of the Ariane 5 ME upper stage.

Airbus Defence and Space is developing the Ariane 5 ME (Mid-life Evolution) launcher for the European Space Agency (ESA), which is set to take off for the first time before mid-2018 and whose new re-ignitable cryogenic upper stage is to be used also for next generation launcher Ariane 6. The common features of both of these new launcher systems include the cryogenic upper stage, which is powered by high-energy fuels (liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen).

In December 2013, the Ariane 5ME project successfully passed ESA’s verification milestones with performances beyond expectations

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