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Inauguration of Airbus Defence and Space Services’ new Teleport in Toulouse

Toulouse, 20 February 2008 – Airbus Defence and Space Services has opened its new teleport in Toulouse, thereby adding a satellite infrastructure network in France to the existing networks the company already has in the United Kingdom and Germany.



With the new teleport, Airbus Defence and Space can now offer its government and commercial customers an increased satellite communications capability, particularly for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony services, Internet access, company intranet and networks, and secured VPN (virtual private networks). The services are intended for customers who need to communicate between their European head offices and their dispersed locations all over the world. The teleport offers a specific solution to any customer’s particular need.

Airbus Defence and Space has set up a dedicated unit in Toulouse to develop and market teleport services and associated networks solutions. In particular, the company is responsible for setting up and implementing the technical offer: adapting the services offered by the teleport to specific customer requirements, designing and installing remote station networks at the sites concerned, and operations, maintenance and customer support.

The first customer is the Economat des Armées (the French equivalent of the NAAFI in the UK) of the French Ministry of Defence, which chose Airbus Defence and Space to provide the PASSEREL™ telecommunications services for the personal needs of troops involved in external operations.

Based on the iDirect hub technology, which optimises the satellite resource, and thus allows a competitive service cost, the Toulouse teleport has three large Earth stations currently operational: two in C band and one in Ku-band. Its favourable geographic location serves a very wide area from Asia to the Americas, and several satellites can be used according to the geographical requirements of the customers’ networks. The teleport has the latest IP technology, provides billing systems and secure transmissions, and is interconnected with the public switched telephone networks (PSTN) and Internet backbone. The teleport is operated by the London Satellite Exchange Ltd, a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, which has set up a dedicated 24/7 unit at its centre in Toulouse. This company also provides the customer support.

For Eric Béranger, the CEO of Airbus Defence and Space, “the decision to invest in and build a teleport in Toulouse shows our determination to innovate and respond to our customers’ needs. With the services offered by the teleport, we can now add another dimension to our already extensive range of services. We are proud to have built the first teleport in Toulouse, and to have contributed to the creation of jobs and of satellite communication service activities in the town.”

Airbus Defence and Space, a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, offers a unique ‘one-stop shop’ in the satellite services market, with unrivalled capability and expertise in secure communications, Earth observation services and navigation services. The European provider of milsatcom services, including the pioneering Skynet 5 service, and a world-leading supplier of geo-information products and services, Airbus Defence and Space meets its customers' requirements with innovative and highly competitive end-to-end solutions.

Airbus Defence and Space, a wholly owned subsidiary of AIRBUS Group, is dedicated to providing civil and defence space systems and services. In 2006, Airbus Defence and Space had a turnover of €3.2 billion and 12,000 employees in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. Its three main areas of activity are Airbus Defence and Space for launchers and orbital infrastructure, and Airbus Defence and Space for spacecraft and ground segment, and its wholly owned subsidiary Airbus Defence and Space for the development and delivery of satellite services.

AIRBUS Group is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2006, AIRBUS Group generated revenues of €39.4 billion and employed a workforce of more than 116, 000.


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