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Airbus Defence and Space to supply Serbia with a national spatial data infrastructure

Paris, 18 June 2009 – In partnership with IGN France International, Airbus Defence and Space – via its division, the Spot Infoterra Group – will supply the Serbian Geodesy Institute (RGZ) with the means to become the central supplier of geoinformation data for public and private institutions in Serbia. Spot Infoterra is a world leader in the field of geoinformation products and services. The contract is worth €15 million approximately.


  • In partnership with IGN France International, Spot Infoterra – a division of Airbus Defence and Space – will supply a complete system including geoinformation data and services to the Serbian Geodesy Institute

Marc Tondriaux, CEO of the Spot Infoterra Group, declared: “The flexibility and interoperability offered by the proposed solutions, which are based on the proven expertise of our consortium in the field of national spatial data infrastructures (NSDIs), will provide the RGZ with the infrastructure to quickly implement a powerful and upgradeable system.”

According to Nenad Tesla, CEO of the RGZ, “This tool will allow Serbia to improve the exchange of information and communication between its various administrations. This infrastructure will also allow us to introduce online services, which will be a major asset ensuring the decentralisation, diversity and quality of the services offered to our fellow citizens.”

Geoinformation is a key decision-making tool in numerous fields (town and country planning and development, protection of the environment, security, etc.). Ensuring the availability of this data, ensuring it is up-to-date, and allowing local and national government, the private sector and citizens to access it has almost become an obligation for any country dedicated to improving the effectiveness of its general government and to supporting the sustainable development of its economy.

The IGIS programme, which is being managed by the Spot Infoterra Group (Airbus Defence and Space) and implemented together with co-prime contractor IGN France International, will provide the RGZ with all of these services. The RGZ will also be able to deploy an NSDI that will facilitate the production and maintenance of mapping data, and develop geoinformation services.

The project has three parts:

  • The provision of a set of satellite and airborne remote sensing data, which will supply several families of applications of national interest, in the fields of mapping, town and country planning, agriculture and the environment
  • The deployment of the entire IT infrastructure needed for data hosting, management and access, as well as the implementation of production workshops for transforming remote sensing data into geoinformation. Various applications for mapping and managing natural areas and farm land will then be introduced.
  • The provision of a vast support programme (training and knowledge transfer, operational support) that will allow the RGZ to carry out this project independently through to its conclusion. The work is scheduled for completion in three years.

Spot Infoterra Group

The Spot Infoterra Group is a global provider of geo-information products and services bringing decision-makers sustainable solutions to increase our security, protect the environment and monitor natural resources.

With unique access to SPOT and TerraSAR-X satellites, and a broad range of spaceborne and airborne acquisition capabilities, the group offers an unrivalled combination of Earth imagery.

This combination forms the solid base for an extensive portfolio of products and services spanning the entire geo-information value chain. Furthermore, building on synergies within Airbus Defence and Space, the Group develops innovative and highly-competitive end-to-end solutions combining Earth observation, navigation and worldwide communications capabilities.

Combining the talent and capabilities of Spot Image and Infoterra, the Spot Infoterra Group, with a turnover of 160 M€ in 2008 and more than 800 staff, is established in twelve countries and is part of Airbus Defence and Space, an Airbus Defence and Space subsidiary.

IGN France International

Since 1986, IGN France International has been the worldwide subsidiary of the French National Geographical Institute (IGN).

Over the years, IGN has become a leading player in its two sectors of activity:


  • Geoinformation (acquisition, processing, modelling)
  • Geoinformation systems (implementation and integration)


IGN France International is involved in all types of projects in the following sectors:

-       Land registry and administration

-       Town and country planning

-       Energy

-       Environment

-       Risks (natural, industrial, related to climate change, etc.)

-       Water

-       Security/high-precision work

Approved by every multilateral development bank, IGN France International offers its expertise all over the world – particularly in Africa and Asia, where it has mapped over 12 million km².

The company is internationally recognised for its know-how and expertise.


Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space, a wholly owned subsidiary of AIRBUS Group, is dedicated to providing civil and defence space systems and services. In 2008, Airbus Defence and Space had a turnover of €4.3 billion and more than 15,000 employees in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. Its three main areas of activity are Airbus Defence and Space for launchers and orbital infrastructure, Airbus Defence and Space for spacecraft and ground segment and Airbus Defence and Space for the development and delivery of satellite services.

AIRBUS Group is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2008, AIRBUS Group generated revenues of €43.3 billion and employed a workforce of more than 118, 000.


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