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From a mere 432 million km away, Airbus DS’s comet-chasing satellite sends back a ‘selfie’ with its destination comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in the background.

The image was taken by its Philae lander whose chosen landing site was yesterday announced by ESA.

The image was taken on 7 September from a distance of about 50 km from the comet, and captures the side of the Rosetta spacecraft and one of Rosetta’s 14 m-long solar wings, with 67P/C-G in the background. Two images with different exposure times were combined to bring out the faint details in this very high contrast situation.

The Philae lander will set foot on the comet on 11 November, after a nearly 10 year journey aboard Rosetta, on the area ESA has named as Site J.


About Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space is a division of Airbus Group formed by combining the business activities of Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military. The new division is Europe’s number one defence and space enterprise, the second largest space business worldwide and among the top ten global defence enterprises. It employs some 40,000 employees generating revenues of approximately €14 billion per year.

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