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Largest satellite ever ordered by Malaysian operator MEASAT

MEASAT Global Berhad (MEASAT) selected Airbus Defence and Space in June 2011 to build Measat-3b, a powerful satellite that will more than double the current Ku-Band capacity operated by MEASAT and allow the Malaysian operator to meet the increasing requirements of DTH and telecommunications services in the region.

Measat-3b will operate 48 Ku-band transponders simultaneously from the 91.5° E orbital location, where it will be co-located with Measat-3 and Measat-3a, providing the Measat operator with large capacity and flexibility over three distinct geographical locations – Malaysia, Indonesia and India. The satellite has also been designed to support a fourth market.

Measat-3b, based on Airbus Defence and Space’s highly reliable Eurostar E3000 platform, is designed to have a launch mass of 5.8 tonnes, and electrical power of 16kW. It is planned for an operational lifetime of over 15 years.

As prime contractor for Measat-3b, Airbus Defence and Space is responsible for the design and manufacture of the satellite, and the supply of both payload and platform.

The satellite is scheduled for launch by an Ariane 5 rocket in 2013.