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High quality imagery for Algeria

The ALSAT-2 system contract signed with the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) in January 2006 is a comprehensive programme covering:

  • design, development, integration and ground delivery of ALSAT-2A satellite
  • design, development and ground delivery of ALSAT-2B equipment including optical payload
  • design and development of associated ground segment facilities deployed in Algeria
  • comprehensive training of Algerian engineers

The system will enable Algeria to obtain very high quality images for use in a wide variety of applications: cartography, management of agriculture, forestry, water, mineral and oil resources, crop protection, management of natural disasters and land planning from a synchronous orbit at an altitude of around 690km for a contractual life time of five years.

ALSAT-2 is the first Earth observation satellite system from the AstroSat100 micro-satellite product line based on the Myriade platform, developed jointly by Airbus Defence and Space and the French national space agency CNES.

ALSAT-2 is equipped with latest-generation optical payload capable of supplying images with a resolution of 2.5m in panchromatic mode and 10m in each of four colour bands in multispectral mode. It has been specifically designed to provide very high performances in a size compatible with micro-satellite constraints.

The ALSAT-2 programme also includes the development and on-site installation of two ground control segments and one image station allowing the satellites to be operated and controlled from Algerian territory.

As part of the ALSAT-2 contract, more than 20 Algerian engineers joined the Airbus Defence and Space development team in Toulouse for about three years, receiving intensive and comprehensive training in space engineering, system operations and satellite integration. These engineers will form the core of ASAL operations team in charge of daily system in orbit operations, and will undertake the assembly and integration of ALSAT-2B satellite in Algeria.

ALSAT-2A was placed in orbit on 12 July 2010 aboard an Indian PSLV rocket from the Sriharikota launch base. ALSAT-2 is the fifth Earth observation export co-operation contract signed by Airbus Defence and Space.



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