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Responding to demand for digital and HD The fourth Eurostar spacecraft ordered by SES Astra, Astra 1N will expand capacity at the operator’s prime orbital position of 19.2° E, in order to respond to the high demand for digital and High Definition (HD) capacity, and to provide significant growth potential to key European markets. Discoverin the following clip the satellite contruction in Airbus Defence and Space.

Astra 1N is a Eurostar E3000 model with launch mass of 5,400kg and spacecraft power of more than 13kW. The satellite, launched by Ariane 5 in August 2011 is specified for a minimum service life of 15 years.

Astra 1N - Responding to demand for digital and HD


Astra 1N will operate 55 Ku-band transponders at 130W RF power. The spacecraft will have three deployable antennas with diameter up to 2.6m and one top-floor steerable 1.3m antenna.

Prime contractor for Astra 1N, Airbus Defence and Space is responsible for the design and manufacture of the satellite, and the supply of both the payload and the platform.

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