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Electronic intelligence for a global radar activity index

ELISA (ELectronic Intelligence SAtellites) is a system demonstrator under development for the French Ministry of Defence procurement agency DGA and the French space agency CNES. After the ESSAIM project, the aim is to pave the way for an operational programme to map and characterise radar emissions around the world.

The ELISA system consists of four micro-satellites based on the Myriade product line developed jointly by Airbus Defence and Space and the French national space agency CNES and an associated ground segment. The 125kg-class satellites were launched on 16 December 2011, and operate from a sun-synchronous orbit. The in-orbit exploitation phase will last three years.

Co-prime contractor for the programme, Airbus Defence and Space represents the industrial consortium and is responsible for overall system co-ordination, development of the space segment, including elements of the payloads, and launch of the satellites.

The other co-prime is Thales Systèmes Aéroportés, for mission co-ordination, a contribution to the system architecture, and payload and ground user segment development.