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Tailored for success – a mix of reliability and innovation

Airbus Defence and Space’s acclaimed Eurostar series of high performance communications satellites is a product of choice with major operators worldwide, suited to all communications missions and compatible with the whole range of launch vehicles.

More than 50 Eurostar satellites have been delivered since the launch of the very first Eurostar model, Inmarsat-2 F1 – which itself has provided over 20 years of operational service. Together, the Airbus Defence and Space-built Eurostar satellites have accumulated more than 400 years of successful in-orbit operation.

The impressive number of innovations that Airbus Defence and Space has implemented through the years has enabled the Eurostar satellites to become even more efficient, and to offer even greater capacity and operational performance, while all the time retaining the assurance of a robust, proven generic architecture. The current version, Eurostar E3000, can accommodate over 100 transponders, a large number of antennas, and payload power ranging from 4 kW all the way to 14 kW.