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The first Spanish optical Earth observation satellite

Airbus Defence and Space Spain is prime contractor for INGENIO, the first Spanish optical Earth observation satellite, which will mainly serve a civil purpose.

The mission will provide high-definition panchromatic and multi-spectral ground imaging for various applications that can be used in mapping, monitoring borders land changes, urban planning, agriculture, water management, environmental monitoring, and risk and safety management. The mission will last for a minimum of seven years following launch. This will offer the capability to provide a supply of data which will be the basis for operational services, facilitating the decision-making of the Spanish government and the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) users, when necessary. The flight segment (the satellite itself) comprises the satellite platform, the optical payload, which will generate an average of 230 images (60x60km) daily, and three additional scientific payloads.

Launch of the INGENIO satellite is planned for 2014. The satellite will be operated from a sun-synchronous polar orbit.

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