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Broadband for all. Built for operator Eutelsat by Airbus Defence and Space on the Eurostar E3000 platform, and weighing 6.1 tonnes at launch, KA-SAT is the first satellite for Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. Eutelsat is now in full control of the satellite to entry into commercial service.

Ka-Sat was launched by a Proton Breeze M rocket on 27 December 2010 and is positioned in geostationary orbit at 9° E. It constitutes the cornerstone of an infrastructure linking the space segment to a network of eight ground stations connecting to the Internet backbone, and provides broadband access via satellite to customers across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin located beyond the range of terrestrial ADSL networks.

Based on the Eurostar E3000 platform developed by Airbus Defence and Space, Ka-Sat is entirely innovative in its design, operating 82 spot beams simultaneously, with a record throughput capacity of more than 70 Gigabits per second. Weighing 6 tonnes at launch, this large spacecraft is equipped with four multi-feed deployable antennas and a high-precision pointing system, and the frequencies of non-adjacent cells can be reused without interference. Ka-Sat is able to operate at a payload power of more than 11kW throughout its 15-year design lifetime.

Airbus Defence and Space successfully completed its key participation in the initial operations of KA-SAT on 21 January 2011. Eutelsat is now in full control of the satellite to complete payload testing and the final phase of integrated validation with the network of ground stations prior to entry into commercial service.

Airbus Defence and Space will continue to support Eutelsat and monitor the KA-SAT satellite throughout its more than 15 year mission from its satellite control centre in Toulouse, which currently monitors more than 40 geostationary satellites, including 11 for Eutelsat.

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