Airbus Defence and Space


32 bit SPARC avionics in MCM single package

Very high performance and cost effective computer core for space applications

This module implements a 32-bit ERC23SC SPARC microprocessor, a VASI ASIC co-processor with built-in set of user interfaces, 6 Mbytes EDAC protected instruction memory and 32 Mbytes Reed-Solomon protected instruction (through cache memory) / data memory.

It is an IHD bi-cavity Multi Chip Module, designed in a radiation tolerant technology, qualified for space applications.

Features / technical details

Technical features

  • Monochip µprocessor with a SPARC 32-bit RISC architecture, radiation tolerant ERC32SC
  • 6 Mbytes SRAM EDAC protected with zero wait-state.
  • 32 Mbytes DRAM Reed-Solomon protected.
  • 8 kbytes data cache, external RAM extension capability on the ERC32SC bus.
  • 20 MIPS integer / 5 Mflops double precision @ 25 MHz.
  • Companion chip with powerful user interfaces

A comprehensive set of built-in user interfaces

  • 2 nominal and redundant MIL-STD-1553B bus (BC, BM, RT modes).
  • 2 programmable serial links, up to 25 Mbps (output) and 50 Mbps (input) in synchronous mode.
  • 2 asynchronous serial links up to 115 Kbauds.
  • 2 UARTs from ERC32SC processor.
  • 8-bit General Purpose Interface port.
  • ERC32 User extension interface with DMA capabilities.
  • JTAG interface (IEEE 1149.1 test port) and on-chip Emulation circuitry

An innovative package

The ERC32SC MCM is fitted in an innovative Low Profile 334 IOs QFP package.

A powerful software development environment

The ERC32SC MCM application programming is supported by standard real time operating systems such as:

  • Vx Works TM or RTEMS for C development environment
  • Aonix TM for ADA development environment

General features

  • Power consumption: 7W average - 10 W maximum on 5V / 3.3 V power lines.
  • Mass and dimensions: 80g without PCB clamps – 150g with PCB clamps, 80 x 62 x 5.5 mm
  • Temperature range: -55°C to +85°C (to guarantee a junction temperature below 110 °C)



All high performance processing computers for data handling, attitude and orbit control, generic controller for payload applications.

Reference customers

The MCM 32 is the core of the central computer Unit of TerraSar-X, a joint DLR-Airbus Defence and Space observation satellite, Korea KARI.