Airbus Defence and Space


Antenna deployment mechanism (ATM)

Reliable, low mass antenna deployment mechanism (ADM) combining the damper and deployment springs within a compact housing. This single-axis ADM forms the basis of the ADTM (including pitch and roll trimming) employed on the Eurostar platform.

Features / technical details

  • Up to 85 of deployment rotation
  • Operating temperature range –45° C to +100° C
  • Three or six spring options
  • Deployment torque 7.5 or 15 Nm
  • Damping coefficient up to 850 Nm/(rad/s)
  • Radial load capacity 2500 N
  • Cross axis load capacity 48 Nm
  • Operating temperature range –45° C to +100° C
  • Operational life >60 deployments


  • Antenna deployment
  • Reflector deployment
  • Geosynchronous ComSat

Reference customers

ESA (Olympus), Italsat (Italsat)