Airbus Defence and Space


Antenna pointing mechanism electronics (APME)

The Antenna Pointing Mechanism Electronics bases on the Airbus Defence and Space Universal Motor Control Electronics (MCE). The APME performs steering of one Pointing Mechanism in up to three axis independently from each other. The actual positions reported via digital telemetry; Sensor Interface configurable to reference switches, potentiometers and optical encoders. Autonomous operation of Pointing Mechanism according to single commands. Extended APME for up to four APMs (8 mechanical axis) available!

Features / technical details

Fully cold redundant Antenna Pointing Mechanism Electronics within one housing
Dimensions: 160 x 180 x 65 mm
Mass < 2 kg
Power consumption: 2.2 Watt in Standby
Output Power: up to 15 W per Motor
APM axis: up to three APM axis
APM Motor Types: 2-phase or 3-phase Stepper Motors, adaptable to coil resistance/inductance, motor microstepping supported
APM pos. sensors configurable (switch / potentiometer / encoder)
Speed (configurable) | adaptable to user requirements

Parts level acc. QML-Q ; QML-V ; Class S, depending on customer requirements

SEU-free by Design, SEL-free by Technology



  • Antenna Pointing Mechanism Electronics for LEO / GEO / Science missions

Reference customers

  • NASA ( GSFC , JPL) , ESA, DLR ,IAI commercial customers