Airbus Defence and Space


Central tube structure

The central tubes developed by CASA are qualified for satellite platforms up to 8 Tons.

The design is based on Fiber Placement manufacturing technology. It allows a significant reduction in cost and schedule compared to other manufacturing techniques with a higher quality.

Features / technical details

Key features of the Central Tubes design:
  • Provides the necessary stiffness to meet the satellite requirements (vibration tests, launch environment).
  • Provides the main load-path of the satellite structure to carry the load from the external walls and floors to the launcher interface.
  • Provides interface to the (propellant tanks, propulsion piping, harness,…).
  • Cost effective manufacturing process to reduce cost and schedule.


The central tube structures are used in any kind of satellites above a certain weight (1-1,5 Ton) such as Scientific, Earth Observation or telecommunication missions.

Reference customers

Alphabus, Eurostar 3000LX Prototype Technology Prg.