Airbus Defence and Space


Cleanroom Class 100.000

The cleanroom is an integration area for high sophisticated spacecraft items. It is an air conditioned and contamination controlled district. The main environmental figures are continuously monitored and recorded. For electrical function tests the check-out areas are positioned nearby with a direct eye contact through windows.

Features / technical details

Cleanroom category: Class 100.000
  1. Cleanroom
Dimension: 36,5 x 17,5 x 10 / 12,5 m (crane hook height)
Temperature: 21 °C; Tolerance ± 1 °C
Humidity: 50 % RH; Tolerance ± 10 % RH
  1. max. load 10.000 kg
  2. max. load 5.000 kg
Air lock door: 5,8 x 6,5 m



Integration area for spacecrafts and instruments with air condition and contamination control.

Reference customers

Champ - Earth observation satellite Cluster - Science satellite Ulysses - Science satellite VLT- M2 - Very Large Telescope Grace - Investigation of earth gravity shape METOP - Meteorological satellite