Airbus Defence and Space


Communication payload control and processing unit

Developed in the framework of Next Generation Processors (NGP) for communications payloads, this integrated payload controller and processing unit provides high processing performance and standard interfaces to spacecraft and payload subsystems. The typical applications include control of analogue RF equipment, control of on-board fine granularity channel switching and secure of TM/TC channels by encryption.

Features / technical details

Payload Control Processor MDPA (Multi-DSP/ µProcessor Architecture) featuring:

  • High control processing performance (scalable in multiples of 70 MIPS) using European LEON2FT processor
  • Spacecraft interface via MIL STD 1553 or SpaceWire
  • Payload subsystem interface via MIL STD 1553, SpaceWire or CAN bus
  • DVB-S regeneration function for high speed TM/TC with Network Control Centre (600 Kbps each direction)
  • Redundant Stand-alone Unit with own power converter (mass 4 Kg, power ca. 12 W) or integrated within platform or payload electronics

Flexible Data Processor (Next Generation) in development for communication channel regeneration

  • Scalable in multiple of 5GOPS @ 2 Watt
  • Flexible and reprogrammable in orbit
  • Software development tool support
  • Example application: Flexible communication channel regeneration, packet formatting and packet switching


  • Communications payload subsystem control
  • Flexible communications channel regeneration and baseband processing
  • Security processing

Reference customers

MDPA Payload Controller will be qualified under ESA contract beginning of 2008