Airbus Defence and Space


Compensated Compact Ranges

General Description
The Compensated Compact Range (CCR) is based on two double curved reflectors. The CCR delivers excellent measurement accuracy provided by a high-end cross-polar suppression due to the cross-polar compensated reflector design.

The relatively long focal length of Airbus Defence and Space‘s CCRs allow e.g. complete satellite payload testing by applying scanned quiet zone measurements.

By using laterally displaced feeds multiple test zones can be created for efficient real-time payload testing.

Due to the large quiet zones high precision measurements of RF characteristics of installed antenna performances of fighter aircrafts, UAVs, missiles can be measured, beside spacecraft antennas, especially with dual polarised frequency re-use applications.

Features / technical details

  • Frequency Range 0.5 - 500 GHz
  • Cross-polar compensated system featuring no system inherent cross-polarization
  • Measurement objects up a width of 20m and a height of 10m
  • Virtually extended quiet zone by translated feeds


CCR Key Performance Data
The following table shows at a glance the family of Airbus Defence and Space's CCRs listing the most important performance data. Customer tailored models are available on request.