Airbus Defence and Space

Equipos de Satélites

Product Overview

Earth Observation, Navigation and Science Telecom Platform Components, Engineering Tools and Services
Mass Memory Antenna AOCS Assembly, Integration & Testing
Navigation Products Digital Electronics Power Cooler
Optical Payload Products RF Electronics Propulsion Harness
Radar Payload Products   Thermal MCM & Hybrides

Mechanism & Structure


Drawing on over 40 years' experience, Airbus Defence and Space’ equipment and subsystems portfolio covers avionics, electronic, mechanism and structure products and expertise specific to space applications. Key technology areas, for both platforms and payloads, in which the company excels include: solar generators, lightweight, high-stability structures, thermal management systems and components, guidance, navigation and control systems, antennas and reflectors, on-board digital processors, electrical, RF and microwave equipment, sensors, flight software - to name but a few.

The capability to design and manufacture this vast range of equipment and subsystems in-house confers enormous advantages in terms of flexibility of response and optimisation of capacity. This is not only a major factor in the success of Airbus Defence and Space’.