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High voltage power supply for electrical propulsion

Electrical thusters for space require high voltage, high power supplies. Power ranges from a few Watts for field emission thrusters to many Kilowatts for gridded or plasma thrusters. 15 W, 15 kV supplies are available for field emission thrusters. Modular supplies for 5 kW or more at 1.2 to 2 kV are offered as Ion Beam Converters for high power thrusters like T6, RIT 22 or HEMP.

Airbus Defence and Space use their unique knowledge on high voltage design, manufacture and test for highest reliability and orbit life

Features / technical details

  • Unlimited power available due to modular design
  • Module power from 1.2 to 1.8 kW
  • Extremely high efficiency for multi-Kilowatt units: 95 to 97 %
  • Light weight, low volume design
  • Inherent redundancy
  • Various protection features implemented
  • Very high voltage for FEEP supplies: 15 kV

Parts level acc. QML-Q; QML-V and equivalents


Electrical propulsion for Telecom (station-keeping) and scientific missions (drag-free orbit control)

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