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High voltage power supply for scientific payloads

There are various applications of high voltage for scientific experiments onboard satellites, deep space missions, space shuttle or ISS.

Every application requires dedicated solutions in terms of voltage, current, functionality, safety and protection.

Also high voltage, high frequency supplies are available e.g. for levitation and melting as well as for actuators.

A special domain is fast switching of high voltage for radar and laser modulators.

Features / technical details

  • DC supplies up to 150 kV
  • Power level from 1 Watt to Megawatts (pulsed)
  • Frequency range up to 500+ kHz for AC supplies
  • Fast switches for 3 kV, <100 ns switching time
  • Complete development flow covered: high voltage engineering, design, manufacture and test
  • All analysis and test tools available like field simulation and partial discharge test

Parts level acc. QML-Q; QML-V and equivalents

Space qualified procedures for high voltage potting


  • Laser supplies: Piezo drive, Q-switch drive
  • Photo multiplier supply
  • Material labs: inductive levitation and melting
  • Modulators for Klystrons and TWTAs
  • High frequency actuators

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