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Lightweight microstrip patch radiators

Microstrip Patch Radiators for X- Band antennas have been developed.. The radiator provide an excellent RF performance ,ultra-low weight and low cost technology.The technology is qualified considering space flight environment such as outgassing, vibration, UV-radiation, particle radiation, etc. . Different array configurations were built such as (1x8), (8x8) and (16x16).

Features / technical details

Centre Frequency 9.6 GHz
Bandwith 500 - 1000 MHz
Return Loss < -15 dB
Insertion Loss < 1.5 dB
Cross Pol. Isolation > 30 dB
Aperture efficiency > 70 %
Size (mm) (1x8)-Array: 200 x 23 x 11 (1x8)-Array: 200 x 23 x 11
Mass 2.95 kg/m2 (w/o backing structure)
Operating Temp. Range -70 °C < T < +80 °C



X-Band SAR

Reference customers

The development programs were financed on behalf of DLR (German Aerospace Center)