Airbus Defence and Space


Low voltage power supply

On-the-board DC/DC conversion by Point-of-Load regulators for very low voltage supply of space electronic equipment.

Short distance to electrical load guarantees lowest voltage tolerance and fastest dynamic response to load change of digital payloads.

Uses intermediate in-the-box DC bus for power distribution.

Optional functions like inrush current limiter, on/off sequencing, protection features and synchronisation interfaces can be realised.

Features / technical details

  • DC output voltage range: 1.8 to 3.5 V
  • Output current range: 1 to 5 A per POL
  • Synchronous buck topology
  • Efficiency: 85 – 95 %
  • Use of intermediate DC bus, 8 to 12 V typ.
  • Fully protected, single point S/C bus interface
  • VLV Packaging: discrete, open or closed hybrid design
  • Optional features: input latching current limiter, command and housekeeping, output on/off sequencing, output over-voltage protection

Parts level acc. QML-Q; QML-V and equivalents


Conditioning of very low DC voltages on user boards (processors, memories etc.)

Reference customers

Demonstrator available