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MAXSIM electromagnetism tool

In the solving of the Maxwell's equations, four kinds of problem can be distinguished according to the time analysis (time varying or time harmonic) and also according to the type of space modelling in term of geometrical environment and boundary conditions (surface or volume methods).

MAXSIM-F is based on the Method of Moments in the frequency domain and is applied to surface geometries in 3D, as EMC problems, RF analysis of antenna/structure interactions or antenna modelling.

Features / technical details

The input data of MAXSIM_F can be separated in two types. First a geometrical description of the object composed of surfaces, wires and wires/surfaces junctions (satellite, part of a satellite, aircraft, cars ...) then, the description of the electromagnetic excitation source of the problem (conducted sources : voltage or current source or an impinging electromagnetic wave).

The geometrical description is based on some predefined simple shapes, using the same facility available in SYSTEMA for the shape definition (graphic modeller or specific language). Wires can be added to the definition of the object to analyse. The method is based on a regular triangular meshing of the surfaces. The excitation sources are defined either directly placed on the structure or as an electromagnetic wave (plane wave). The surfaces are considered by default as metallic surfaces perfectly conductive but it is also possible to introduce lumped or distributed losses.

The main outputs of MAXSIM-F are the surface currents distribution on the structure and the far field antenna patterns in the case of antenna/structure interactions.



MAXSIM-F was developed under a joint ESA/Airbus Defence and Space funding. The first version of the software was available in 1994, and was continuously updated until now in a mature product. Nevertheless this software requires an important expertise to describe as well as possible the electromagnetic phenomenon and a representative geometrical model. Examples of use are following : study of performances of GPS on LEOSTAR (Earth observation satellite platform of Airbus Defence and Space), METOP Solar Array EMC, HOTBIRD equipments, …

Reference customers

ESA, CNES, ...