Airbus Defence and Space


MDVE realtime testbed

MDVE testbeds are setups for hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) testing of S/C functions or components - e.g. for AOCS closed loop tests or tests of the onboard computers. The testbed setup consists of the hardware to be tested, the front-end equipment to be connect to it, a system simulator for simulation of the rest of the S/C and the control system (core EGSE).An emulation of the new generation on-board processor (ERC32) for an integrated software verification facility (SVF) is under development. The realtime testbed is one configuration of the Airbus Defence and Spaces "Model based Development & Verification Environment " (MDVE).

Features / technical details

  • real-time S/C simulator based on special configurable STP/UML/C++ design
  • target platforms Sun (Solaris) and Motorola-68xx/PowerPC/VME (VxWorks)
Front-End Equipment
  • standard VME board set for analog, digital, serial, thermistor, ... interfaces (to be tailored to
individual project interface requirements)
  • standard VME board set for TM/TC interfaces
Man-Machine Interface
  • test-bed control via core EGSEØ
  • simulator MMI



Satellite AIV (Phase C/D)
  • HITL subsystem testing
  • Onboard S/W verification with HITL (e.g. OBC breadboard in the loop)
S/W Maintenance Facility (Phase E)
  • onboard S/W verification for OBSW upgrades during S/C operationsØ
  • onboard S/W patch verification for problem fixing during S/C operations

Reference customers

ESTEC Project: SSVF Phase 1 & 2

Grace: Grace System Testbed

CryoSat: CryoSat Breadboard Integration Tests (end 2001)