Airbus Defence and Space


Mobile processor

Digital processes over 150 elements of ~35 MHz in both forward, return and mobile-mobile.

Performs channelisation, routing and digital beamforming.

Incorporates contiguous filtering to enable processing of both narrowband and wideband traffic.

Features / technical details

  • Utilises advanced 2nd Gen Packaging
    • BGA Packages
    • High density PCBs and MCMs
    • Advanced thermal materials
  • 2.5V Asics, up to 70MHz operation.
  • Dual ADC and DAC hybrids.
  • 2 units of ~ 75kg each.
  • Power consumption of < 1.8 kW.
  • Fully automated testing including BIST.

Mobile up/downlink key parameters

  • Dynamic range: 16dB
  • Signal to Noise: 30dB
  • 30 MHz usable bandwidth
  • Digital beamforming with 120 elements
  • All elements can be used for each beam
  • Active beam weights can be changed on demand

Feeder up/downlink key parameters

  • Dynamic range: 16dB
  • Signal to Noise: 30dB
  • 10 sub-bands of 12.6MHz

Routing Flexibility

  • Transparent processing, any signal types
  • Channel switching granularity 100kHz
  • Beamforming with granularity 200kHz
  • Contiguous channels 100kHz to 10MHz
  • Total capacity 630 channels of 200kHz
  • Mobile to mobile connectivity 84 duplex 100kHz channels

Control Functions

  • Spacecraft 1553 bus for processor hardware configuration
  • Dedicated control channel for dynamic processor routing configuration
  • 100kbps up/down capacity on feeder link
  • Supports 25 add/remove beam commands per second



Reference customers

Inmarsat 4