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MosaicGNSS receiver stand-alone box

A multi-purpose GPS Receiver for LEO, MEO, and GEO (Stand-alone Box)

The MosaicGNSS receiver is a dedicated low cost radiation-tolerant GPS single board receiver for applications in LEO, MEO, and GEO. It is a L1 C/A Code receiver, which is capable of acquiring and independently tracking of up to eight GPS satellites. Synchronization to GPS time is provided by a one Hertz Time Mark Pulse. The unit can be used as part of a modular spacecraft AOCS or stand alone, in single or fully redundant configuration. The MosaicGNSS receiver consists of the central processing electronics together with optional GPS patch antenna, filter, and LNA. The redundant stand-alone box comprises 2 GPS receiver and 2 DC/DC converter.

Features / technical details

A key feature of this receiver is that main parts of the signal processing are implemented in software. The receiver is designed to process weak signals and its dynamic navigation solution provides PVT (Position, Velocity, Time), even in situations where less than four satellites are visible.

29 single MosaicGNSS receiver ordered (06/06) and 14 QMs and FMs delivered (06/06).

Performance (rms): Accuracy, 3D, no SA: (1) typical LEO (2) MEO on 10 000 km orbit altitude
  Position Velocity Time
LEO (1) < 10 m < 0.01 m/s < 100 ns
MEO (2) < 30 m < 0.02 m/s < 200 ns
GEO < 150 m < 0.02 m/s < 750 ns


  • Operational in LEO, MEO and GEO with the same HW/SW.
  • Relative and precision navigation using EGNOS and carrier phase measurements (e.g. formation flying, co-location of GEO satellites).
  • For Attitude and Orbit Determination, the MosaicGNSS receiver can be supplemented by Star Sensors and Gyros to the MosaicAODS